Thymus, the forgotten gland

thymusThe Thymus is a gland located behind the sternum. It is large and active in children. However, your Thymus gland begins to dry up between puberty and twenty, and by age fifty, it is about gone; yet it is central in controlling the immune system function. The older we get and/or the greater the stress we encounter, the more allergies we run into that our immune system is unable to process and the more immune and/or autoimmune disorders we accumulate. This is why proper stress management and nutritional supplementation is of utmost importance in our focus on healing and disease revention.

The Thymus gland controls the immune system in two ways:

  1. First, it is the source of T (Thymus) cells or T lymphocytes. It is these T cells that fight the battle against viruses, bacteria, yeast, and other foreign invaders that attack the body’s immune system. The Thymus gland seeds the bone marrow with immature T cells that multiply and mature. Once it strikes home that the “T” in T cells stands for “Thymus” , we begin to wake up to the value of Thymus supplements with full nutritional support as is in Thymate™.

  2. Second, the Thymus gland produces a variety of hormones that stimulate the maturation of T cells and increase production of other hormones, such as interferon and the immune globulins. Several hormones have been isolated from the Thymus, but the one receiving the most attention in medical studies right now is thymosin Alpha 1.

For example, it is the T cell that is destroyed by the HIV virus and its destruction brings on AIDS. Animal studies have been done in Texas that have resulted in the HIV virus being arrested after using the thymic supplement. It stands to reason that an HIV patient taking this supplement should never convert to an AIDS patient because the Thymus produces the T cells to prevent the conversion as well as producing interleukin 2 to slow down the conversion. Similar viruses have responded well to the use of the supplement, as well as herpes and condyloma acuminata without any recurrence for as long as 27 months.



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