Thymate ™’s History

Ed Callaway R. Ph. has worked for over 35 years as a Pharmacist with a major focus on the interrelationship of dietary supplements, stress management, the immune system, and this overall relationship to healing rates. His training and experiences with patients while counseling them as a Pharmacist since 1970, led him to focus on the relationship of stress on immune system function. As the Pharmacist heading up global distribution of supplements, he was able to interview patients on a large scale getting before and after use reports from them.

This is not an alternative form of medicine.

Within the medical community, any gland that decreases in size or "dries up" in your body, is replaced. If your thyroid dries up, we give you thyroid; if your pancreas dries up (you get diabetes), we give you insulin; if your adrenal glands dry up (you get Addison's Disease), we give you cortisone; and if your ovaries dry up, we give you female hormones. However, when the thymus gland dries up, no one treats that as a medical condition even though every health professional is taught that the thymus gland controls the immune system.

Melvin L. Haysman, M.D., who practices allergy and clinical immunology in Savannah, Georgia, used the supplements. Dr. Haysman gathered before and after serum samples on a dozen patients who took the supplements and sent them to Dr. Mutchnick. He found that 100 percent of the test patients had increases in the thymosin Alpha 1 levels. The increases ranged from 300 to 700 percent depending on the dosage of the supplements. Dr. Mutchnick also found that the thymic/glandular complex supplement was inactive without the vitamin/mineral complex serving as an activating agent.

The vitamin/mineral complex supplement activates the thymic/glandular complex supplement, because the vitamins and minerals are coenzymes which activate the enzyme system and prepare the substrate. The thymic complex then stimulates the immune system to produce interferon, interleukin, RBCs, WBCs, T cells, etc.



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