Immune System Disorders




Autoimmune diseases


How does it happen?

Universal Response to Major Stress Factors:

Ed Callaway R. Ph. found a virtually unanimous answer to the following question to be the same the world over:

Question: What major traumatic event happened in your life 6 to 9 months prior to the onset of the original symptoms?

Virtually all the people had an answer similar to:

One of the suggested mechanisms of how stress affects the immune system is:

Normally the body prepares an antibody to attack an incoming virus, but simply makes a mistake. This defective antibody would have normally been destroyed by a fully functional and healthy immune system, which would have recognized it as non-self and destroyed it. However, improperly managed stress of a major magnitude can divert immune system focus allowing the defective antibody to begin reproducing itself. Once this happens, the immune system will no longer attempt to destroy it since it recognizes the reproductions to be self.
At this point, the best we can hope for is to create a modulating effect on the immune function slowing or stopping the forward progression of the problem allowing the body to focus more on healing and repair as opposed to being under constant siege.

This has quite often proceeded to the point that the patient became totally symptom-free, at which time they went to a maintenance dose to help keep it in check.

The thymus may actually reduce in size by as much as 50% in response to a major stressful event. This diversion of T-Cells away from their normal function, in search of the nebulous stress that they will never find, lowers the efficiency of the immune function.

What we are attempting to do with Thymate™, an immune system formulation, is to help the immune system be all it can be.



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