Thymate™ and the body's healing process

Try Thymate™ as the centerpiece of your speed healing, immune system boosting program!

Thymate™ addresses the nutrient support and immune support functions which are both primary for regeneration of the strongest possible cells. The stronger the immune system, the stronger the cells laid down. Thymate™ specially formulated nutritional complex is specifically balanced to aid in achieving this intricate rebuilding process.

Think back to the last time you cut yourself. It got sticky and then it formed a scab. Cuts cause stickiness on the inside due to the protein debris from the cell breakdown. These sticky protein debris from the trauma site get into the blood flowing by and coat the normal blood cells. As these sticky cells touch one another, they begin to stack as many as eight high and also clump spherically. The clumped cells passing through the lungs are then prevented from picking up as much oxygen as before because of diminished available surface area. (Red blood cells pick up oxygen in ways much like a sponge picks up water.) When these clumped cells make their way to the capillaries (tiny connections between arteries and veins) where only two red blood cells can get through side by side at a time, they begin to trash up the entrance like leaves clogging a gutter.

The area waste, swelling and toxins that cause pain and inflammation impede or slow the healing process. They are trapped in the tissue inside the capillary zone and they can't get out. Within thirty minutes of dosing with Thymate™ you begin to see the sticky cells freeing themselves of one another, as the Thymate ™ is cleaning off their surfaces. This allows for increased oxygen uptake in the lungs and increased oxygen and nutrient delivery into the capillary zone and allows the area waste, swelling and toxins to be released from the system for excretion. The cleansed blood allows the body to rebuild itself in a clean fresh environment, giving the nutritional support or prescribed medications you may be taking better ability to achieve their optimum efficiency within your system.

The treatment being recommended by your health care professional, under the ideal circumstances of proper capillary function, would provide you with the healing results expected. Thus the functional efficiency of the capillaries must be addressed up front to provide the maximum and ideal circumstances possible for the medication or nutritional support's effectiveness. The same treatment being provided with the circumstances of blocked capillary function not being addressed up front, may very well appear to be totally ineffective. This is because capillary function may have been so diminished that an adequate dosage concentration into the capillaries was not available to achieve the desired results. Essentially, even though you were operating with a usual and customarily required dose, the blockage may create a subdosing effect. The degree of subdosing can be affected by the degree of capillary blockage. For example, this “subdosing effect” is amplified in diabetics.

You are encouraged to pursue all avenues for mind/body/spirit connection enhancement.

Any one thing mentioned above that is not addressed by you or your health care professional, may result in slowed healing and a weaker repaired cellular structure. To achieve maximum healing results, the bridge to rebuilding health must have all its crucial spans intact.



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