Stress . . . my friend

or my enemy ?

Stress my friend . . .

Your "Lion"

When we are walking through the park on a nice day, the parasympathetic (maintenance) nervous system is in control of all body functions. When a “Lion” jumps out from behind a bush, we frantically do a major systemic adrenaline dump which causes massive generalized cell stickiness throughout the whole body and . . . SHIELDS!!? . . . The body constricts all surface vessels to shield us, much like the Bat Mobile, so that if we got cut or scratched in the encounter we would not bleed so bad.

This is a simple natural defense mechanism. Stress is this natural defense mechanism. It functions every time we feel threatened, like a broken record.

STRESS, the “INSIDE STORY”: Now as the cells travel through the blood vessels and touch one another, they begin to stack as many as eight high and also clump spherically. These clumped cells passing through the lungs are unable to pick up as much oxygen as before because not as much surface area is available.
When they get over to the capillaries, where only two red blood cells can get through side-by-side at any one time, they begin to trash up the entrance like leaves clogging a gutter. These block out nutrients as well as the extra oxygen that could have gotten in under normal conditions. Also, the area-waste, swelling and toxins that cause pain, inflammation and impede or slow the healing process are trapped in the tissue inside the capillary zone and they can't get out as well as before.

or my enemy?

Man Screaming See THAT “lion”?

•Phone ringing off the hook
•Computer: •down/•crash/•slow
•Technology failing me!

Busy People See THIS “lion”?
I challenge myself:
• to be the best
•to beat the system
•to make more money
See THAT “lion”?

•The boss! • The deadline! •The schedule! •That unsatisfied client! •Money shortage! •Money making opportunity! •The competitors!

One of the suggested mechanisms of stress effects on the immune system is that normally the body prepares an antibody to attack an incoming virus, but simply makes a mistake. This defective antibody would have normally been destroyed by a fully functional and healthy immune system, which would have recognized it as non-self and destroyed it. However, improperly managed stress of a major magnitude can divert immune system focus allowing the defective antibody to begin reproducing itself. Once this happens, the immune system will no longer attempt to destroy it since it recognizes the reproductions to be self.

BalanceEd Callaway, R. Ph. states: “The philosophy of my pharmacy practice has always been that if you maintain normal physiology and utilize good stress management, you can prevent disease and pathology.”

“Think of it as adrenaline management instead of stress management. We can’t change the event, but we can change our perception of the event, i.e., how upset we choose to get.”

Man Tames Shark

Tame YOUR “lion”!

Here, puppy, puppy, ... nice puppy!

New perspective

Choose a new perspective:

“This is just a walk in the park!”

Adrenaline management is the single most important factor determining our rate of recovery.
Sufficient water intake is the 2nd most valuable factor.
How well we chew our food is third.



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