Can we turn our clocks back?

Try these suggestions:

Chew your food

Chew your food

Chew your food

or your food might chew you.

We like fast! ...Fast, Fast; Eating fast ...

We eat fast food fast, and any food fast, to get to ...

There are different opinions regarding how many times we need to chew one bite, until it is suitable for favorable digestion. Yes, digestion starts in the mouth, if it has a chance, if there is enough:

  • breaking down (chewing),
  • enough time,
  • enough chemistry (enzymes).

Put away your timer, and pay attention to your mouth: swallow only thin paste (almost liquid), and your body will not need to spend extra energy for digestion.

Your body might spend up to 80% of its energy on digesting improperly chewed food.


for inefficient chewing,

use a blender.

However exhausting it may be, chewing as exercise needs to be supplemented by “all body” exercise. Exercise!


Drink your Water


Unless otherwise advised,
Drink 1/2 oz. of water per pound of body weight per day.

Drink your water


Keep stress at bay

Keep stress at bay    


& take your Thymate™

you might just turn your clock back



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