Overcome Stress !

Ed Callaway, R. Ph. states: “The philosophy of my pharmacy practice has always been that if you maintain normal physiology and utilize good stress management, you can prevent disease and pathology.”

This includes the supplementation of glands that have reduced in size or have been damaged by disease or other foreign invaders. This also includes using the best possible dietary supplements to assure a proper balance of nutrients enabling the body to better heal and defend itself.

Dream ! Relax ! Reach out/Connect ... with ...  
Dream Relax
Higher Power ...
Your God ...
Your Higher Self ...
The All ...
Etc, etc, etc ...

“Think of it as adrenaline management instead of stress management. We can’t change the event that threatens us, but we can change our perception of the event, i.e., how upset we choose to get.
Adrenaline management is the single most important factor determining our rate of recovery.
Sufficient water intake is the second most valuable factor.
How well we chew our food is third.”

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